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Gators and Ghosts: New Orleans Tours. Locally Owned, Family Operated. Airboat Swamp, Plantation, Haunted, City & Katrina, Cemetery, Riverboat Cruises, Combo Tours and More!

Big Passion For The Big Easy: Gators and Ghosts is a small, locally-owned and family-operated tour agency with a passion for all things New Orleans. Our guests consistently leave us 5-star reviews because of our expert advice about New Orleans tours, friendly customer service and because we send them on once-in-a-lifetime experiences that they will absolutely never forget! Call 888-481-8188 for reservations and more information. 

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New Orleans Airboat Tour from $50
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New Orleans Airboat Tour from $50
  • Airboats can take you to places in the swamp that other boats can't get to, giving you the best chance to see alligators and other south Louisiana wildlife. Our tours are fast, loud, and crazy, but also have moments of quiet beauty.
  • Choose from our large, medium, and small airboats to find the right boat for your budget. Private tours are also available. Tickets start at $50 per guest.
  • Optional round-trip transportation is available from many major hotels in the downtown New Orleans area for a little extra.
  • This tour sells out almost every day and advance reservations are required. Please don't wait. We recommend you book as far in advance as possible. 
  • QTY Denotes amount of guests, not how many boats.
Airboat Size and Pickup Options:
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Fantastic Experience. Adrenaline Rush! My wife, 10-year-old grandson and myself did this tour just over a week ago. Still smiling from that experience. I cannot speak highly enough of the tour we did. We did the small airboat tour (6 person boat) it was electrifying! There are gators galore there. Small ones, mid-size and the big boys. If you are considering doing this tour, just stop and book it! One of the best experiences of my life.
— 5/5 Star Review from Brian P., United Kingdom

Roger Bell, our lead salesperson, has spent more than two decades in the tourism sales industry. You'll find him working at our booth at 500 Bourbon Street most mornings. Tell him you saw his picture on our website! 


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What a wonderful time. It was a simple tour to book in person on Bourbon Street. The staff coordinated perfectly the hotel pickup, airboat tour and hotel drop off. It was an experience I’ll never forget. And I got to hold two baby alligators.
— 5 out of 5 star review from TripAdvisor

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your refund policy?

Tour deposits are non-refundable if cancelled by the guest with less than 48 hours notice before scheduled tour time. Groups of six or more must give a week's notice. Tours cancelled by the tour operator are always refundable. In the event your preferred tour time is sold out, we will happily reschedule you. If we can't find a time that works for you, we will of course issue you a full refund.

 FOR GROUPS OF 6 GUESTS OR MORE: You will be subject to a cancellation fee equal to 50 percent of the total tour cost if you cancel with less than 48 hours notice. Because more spots are held aside for large groups, it is much more difficult for us to fill them last minute. You will get credit for any deposit you may have paid when calculating the cancellation fee. You can read our full refund policy in our Frequently Asked Questions. 

Co-owner Charlotte Crist came back to her native Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina to help economically rebuild New Orleans. In 2009, she started the tour business located at 500 Bourbon Street that would later become Gators and Ghosts. 

How far in advance should I book my tour?

While we are always happy to try to find you a seat with very short notice, our tours often sell out two days or more in advance. We recommend you book at least 48 hours in advance. On busy weekends, 72 hours or more is a good idea. Advance notice helps our tour operators know how many tour guides to have on hand. It also guarantees you will be on the very best tours at the exact time you requested.  

If you have a group of seven people or more, you should book as far in advance as possible. Again, we are always happy to try last minute. Give us a call at 888-481-8188 and we will try to work our magic. 

When I checkout, am I guaranteed a spot on the tour?

Not quite. When we receive your order, we call the best tour operators in New Orleans and personally ensure they have room for you. Once we get confirmation they can fit you in, we will send you a confirmation via an email, text or phone call (you get to choose how we contact you). At that time, we will supply you will all the information you need, including your remaining balance and where you need to be for your tour.

If for some reason we could not squeeze you in at the time you requested, we will contact you with your options (different times, days or alternate tour operators who may have slightly different prices). If none of those options sound good to you, we will issue an immediate refund of your deposit. Generally speaking, as long as you book at least 48 hours before your desired tour time, it is highly unlikely your tour will be sold out. 

If you are booking a tour last minute (less than 48 hours before your scheduled tour time), we recommend you just give us a call at 888-481-8188. That way we can provide you with the most up to date information. If you give us a call, we will not ask for payment until your spot on the tour has been confirmed. 

Do you put on the tours yourself?

No. We are independent booking agents who work with, but not for, more than 25 different tour companies in the New Orleans area. We personally go on the different tours, read reviews and listen to our customers, and then we base our recommendations on all of those factors. If two tours are similar in quality, but one tour is less expensive, we usually recommend the less expensive one to our customers. If our top pick is sold out, we will try our best to place you with our second best tour, then our third best and so on. 

Why does it say the price is two different amounts? For example, on the airboat page, it says it costs $50 and also $25?

The larger price ($50) is the total cost per ticket, and the smaller price ($25) is the down payment or deposit required to lock in your reservation.

We run this website on SquareSpace and unfortunately their store doesn't have the ability to show a full price, an amount due now and a remaining deposit. So we have tried to make it as clear as possible in our descriptions what the total cost is, how much you need to pay now and how much you will owe. We are currently working on a better, more intuitive and easy to understand booking system. 

For most of our tours, we don't require you to pay the full price up front. You put down only a portion of the price and that reserves your spot on the tour. You will then pay the remaining balance at the time of the tour with whichever tour vendor you end up with. We work with a variety of companies, handpicked by us based on their excellent reputations, and this is how they prefer it. 

After you submit your order and we have confirmed your spot on the tour, we will also send you a follow up email, text or phone call that specifically details total cost, deposit and remaining balance. 

Can I get a group discount?

This is Lenny. Call or text him for group sales, private tours, in-depth vacation planning and other special requests: 504-595-9601

This is Lenny. Call or text him for group sales, private tours, in-depth vacation planning and other special requests: 504-595-9601

Probably! Call our group sales department at (504) 507-8308 to discuss group discounts. 

My tour has a hotel pickup but I'm not staying at a hotel. What should I do?

We can pick you up at the closest hotel along our route. Let us know where you are staying and we can recommend a spot for you to be picked up at. 

I'm already in New Orleans. Can I come see you and talk to you in person?

Absolutely. We work every day at 500 Bourbon Street on the corner of Bourbon and St. Louis. Our hours are usually 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily. In fact, we sell many other tours at our physical location that you won't find on our website. 


We try our best to offer the best prices. But things move fast online. If you see a better price with a competitor, let us know. We can probably match it or maybe even beat it by a little. Why go with us? We are a small, locally owned and operated agency. We can give you better customer service and a personal touch. 

Who are the tour operators you work with?

We work with most of the top tour operators in the New Orleans area. If there is a specific company you would like to be placed with, please let us know. 

Who is Chris Owens?

She is a New Orleans legend who has been performing on Bourbon Street for years. She leads a variety act where she sings and dances (boy can she go!) every Friday and Saturday night at 9 p.m. at the Chris Owens Club, 500 Bourbon Street. Tickets are $35 for priority seating and include your first drink. Picture Cher and Tina Turner taking over the Love Boat and you get an idea of what happens during the Chris Owens Show! It's a lot of fun. You'll laugh. You'll dance. You may well end up on stage or in a conga line. 

This tour was so fun. I rode the big boat [30 passenger large airboat] for the swamp tour. The gators were a little shy at first but once the tour guide started dropping marshmallows they came out of hiding. The tour guide even managed to get a gator up close to the edge of the boat with the lure of raw chicken meat. A little scary but definitely a thrill.
— Jasmine J., Pennsylvania, 5 out of 5 star review from Yelp
Definitely do the Oak Alley and Laura Plantation tours and the small air boat swamp tour! Amazing guides and unforgettable experiences! We still saw some gators in late October which was awesome. I would recommend this company to anyone travelling to New Orleans!
— Mandy M., Halifax, 5 out 5 star review on TripAdvisor